VICTORIA IS an Inspirational Motivator, Life Coach, Published Writer & Multi-Million Dollar Top Producing Realtor. The overarching theme that ties Victoria's life-work together is PASSION, CREATIVITY & SERVICE.
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  • About Victoria Life Coaching

    About Victoria Life Coaching

    I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. As far back as I can remember, I had Guides, Inner Voices, Imaginary Friends…different names for the same Inner Knowing. The Voices that spoke to me were soothing, kind and empathic.
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  • Transitional Empowerment

    Transitional Empowerment

    Afraid of changes? Career? Relationships? Health? Money? Housing? Retirement? Death & Dying? Can you trust your Inner Voice to guide you to the next chapter of your life? Are you willing to explore why changes terrify you? Want to learn how to turn your fear of change into profound meaning? Ready to embrace your true essence?
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  • Fulfillment


    What exactly is fulfillment? What makes your heart sing? What puts a smile on your face when you are driving in rush hour traffic? When do you feel most alive? What about self-care? Do you exercise regularly? Do you eat right? Do you consider yourself a happy person? What's happening to you right now while you are pondering these questions? Where are you? Who are you with?
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  • Shot in the Arm

    Shot in the Arm

    Have you ever felt paralyzed by the choices in your life? Career? Money? Relationships? Health? Retirement? Sure, you have. We all have those moments. But, some of us just need to shoulder up with a neutral third party to gain clarity so we can advance forward.
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  • About Victoria Real Estate

    About Victoria Real Estate

    Victoria Feldman has over twenty- five years’ experience in the real estate industry both as a Realtor and as a Business/Property Manager. Victoria has proven herself to be an expert in her fields, as well as a skilled negotiator. Providing outstanding service and value to her clients is Victoria’s #1 priority.
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  • The Heart of Real Estate

    The Heart of Real Estate

    How to achieve both financial security and deep fulfillment in choosing a career in Real Estate... Trusting your calling and your vision.
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  • "Who Am I?"

    "Who Am I?"

    "I am a powerful Creator", "I Am My Deepest Desire", "Everflowing Abundance", "Karma", "My Loving Truth Shines for All to See".
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  • This is Not Goodbye... It

    This is Not Goodbye... It's Halo

    "Extraordinary...A very beautiful story. I love it." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. , Best Selling Author. "If you want to heal your relationship with death, read This is Not Goodbye...It's Halo.
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